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Cobra Precision Engineering prides itself on its professionalism – when we say we do something it gets done.

We operate in OEM, Aerospace, Robotic, Automotive, Petro Chemical and Security Industries and we are excited about learning and developing new projects with our customers.

Founded in 1989 Cobra Precision Engineering Ltd. is an Enterprising company capable of offering our customers a complete engineering service. From initial computer aided design, through manufacture and assembly, to delivery, or if required, manufacture, assembly and delivery to our customers own design and specifications.

Specialising in the design and manufacture of one-off tools, jigs, fixtures and special purpose machinery, we offer solutions to a number of engineering tooling applications. We currently supply tooling to a range of industries comprising of robotic, aerospace, motor, tobacco and food industries. This tooling includes fully automated manufacturing and handling systems, many of which are designed for use with customers existing robotic and manufacturing systems and are currently in use within the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

As a company, we are able to offer all our UK based customers a personal point of contact with a member of our management team. This takes place at all stages of a contract - from concept to delivery. This ensures our customers' goods arrive when and where they require it.

Our customers range from multi-nationals to small one man operations. All are given the same high degree of service in terms of quality, delivery and price and at the quality they expect.  As a company we are always excited about learning and developing new projects with our customers.

We deal with companies within the OEM, Aerospace, Robotic, Automotive, Petro Chemical and Tobacco Industries. 

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the operation of our fully documented quality system. This is based upon the requirements of BS/EN ISO 9001 and traceable to national standards by the use of NAMAS certified company standards and also by the quality approvals of many of our existing customers, including Fanuc Robotics (UK) Ltd, Winbro Group Technologies Ltd and Airbus UK Ltd.

We have a skilled, experienced and commited work force, backed by a policy of continued improvement and investment, enabling us to provide quality, short turnaround and competetive pricing to our customers.

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